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5 Tips that will Boost your Confidence

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When we faced with big challenges were potentially failure is likely our confidence will go down if we are not prepared. The way we treat ourselves and are treated by others, the choices that we make daily also have an impact on our confidence. So in this article are 5 simple ways that will boost your confidence and help you be more prepared for the challenges in the future.

1- Exercise

Going for a run or hitting the gym it will only do you good, you don’t need to do it for hours, 30 mins 5 times a week will give a considerable boost on you physical also great to release tension in your mind. This what I`ve been doing for over 3 years now, usually i go for a run by myself or hit the gym, but its now part on my weekly routine. Exercising will boost your morale and make you feel great. Look after your body physically daily.

2- Listen to good music

Listening to great and inspiring songs especially in the morning will give your subconscious mind the food for thought. Songs like We are the Champions by Queen, Stronger by Kanye West, Wake me up by Avincii and one More Time by Dafth Punk is just some examples and will definitely lift your mood for a more positive day. Cut the sorry songs and go for inspiration, this actually works well. Just listen to the words of the songs, you become what you feed into your mind.


Find yourself some time to meditate daily, 10 mins is what you need to put your mind at ease. I use headspace, its a good app for meditation it has different packages that you can select depending on the situation you go through. The app has a membership on around £10 a month, but you can have 30 days free trial, give it a go.

4-Dress to impress

Do you ever had the feeling of how good you look when you go to a party, you feel like the more important person in the world all because the way you dress. Well, we know the feeling is there why not used every day. Dress to impress will definitely boost your morale and that extra boost of confidence to go trough the daily cahllanges.

5-Wish Happiness to Strangers

This may sound weird but actually works, I`ve learned this in one of Tim Ferris books the Tools Of Titans. Tim suggests to wish happiness to strangers, you don’t have to speak to them, just say to yourself something like – I wish the best fortune in the world for that person. Doing this to 2 strangers a day will lift your mood and make a more happy person giving your confidence an extra boost.


You can find many ways to boost your confidence, but you have to start with something. The tips in this article are simple to follow even if you only do one of them is already a start. Creating a habit and sticking with it is an effort that takes discipline and action. But the more you succeed in creating good habits the more confident you will fell to create bigger and bigger habits. This with time will boost your confidence which will help you achieve your major goals in life.

What are your top tips to boost confidence? Please leave a coment on the box below.

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