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How to Quit Smoking

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Most of your days we end up doing things that causes us harm and for some weird reason we keep on doing it. Smoking for example , we know that in long term this will causes some damage in a way. But despite knowing the truth we still engage in smoking. To relieve stress, top make us look good, because it feels good and many other reasons that we try to justify such action.

If you want to stop smoking for good I must say its not easy, I been a smoker for nearly 16 years and when I decided to stop it took me a few attempts and years to quit smoking completely. I will share my experience and how I did achieve this and hopefully my experience will help you in your new adventure to become a healthier human being.

In my first attempt I went to the pharmacy and got that free nicotine patches, tried them for a couple of days, no good. Went back to smoke in an instant. Then I’ve tried just quiting without any kind of help. Worked for a couple of weeks but eventually due to my social life at the time i went back to the white stick.

So after another failed attempt I decided to go a bit more in detail, start looking online for what damage smoking causes to people, what bad effects it causes to our body. By doing this I was training my mind to see smoking like a very damaging habit to our body. It actually worked very well I went more than a year without smoking. But to stressfull situations in my life I went back to smoking. Must say if your quiting smoking make sure you are in a goos state of mind.

So I went to smoke for another few months, but this time I knew how to stop it, because I ve done before. Just needed a bit of motivation to do so. This is when I started using motivation to make me stop smoking again. Find the why should I stop smoking, if you seat down and write down reasons to stop smoking you will be impressed with yourself. From healthy reason to financial reasons your mind will come up with plenty of reasons. Pick the ones that make you fell stronger and used them daily to keep you away from the white stick. Make a note and put it in a mirror so you can see it every morning until you quit for good.

Also use financial burden to force yourself to quit. This is how it works, lets say you smoke a pack of cigarrets a day, that equals £8 average daily. This is around £240 a month of money that you spend in smoking only. What you do is quit smoking and force yourself to spend that money on something else. Not saying to save it, for example lets say you want to go in holidays in a year to somewhere exotic. Get a loan and pay for your holidays in advance and pay the loan with monthly instalments around the same value that you used to spend in smoking. This way every time you think in buying cigarettes you will think that you have a loan to pay first, quite intense but at least you will going in a nice holidays.

I find the using financial burden worked more efficient for me, making me more determined to not going back to smoking and use that money to improve my suroundings and live a healthier life style. Please note this is only me sharing my experience on quiting a bad habit, don’t go out there and put yourself in financial debts if you cannot repay it.

I hope this article can help you in any way, as I know quit smoking is not a easy doing but it can be done, just keep trying, you will fail along to way but will succeed in the end.

Please fell free to share your experiences on quiting smoking on the comments box below.

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