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The World of Social Media in our Hands.

The World of Social Media in our Hands.

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We are at a moment in life where we are bombarded with so much information that it becomes extremely hard to keep the focus on our objectives. Also, we are easily influenced to go the other ways that are not our chosen ones.

Let’s use social media for example, we carry now hundreds of friends in our pockets, that with touch we can see what they are up and what are the emotions like.

But is all that the reality? Should we believe all that we see, should we allow to get influenced by a story just because it has thousands of likes. Is our brain telling us that that is the right way because it has the approval of the masses? How would we guide ourselves in this era of social media, not knowing what is fake or what is real?

Do we feel more and more obliged to post what we are doing on our daily lives to get our dose of dopamine that will give us a sense of belonging? How do we fell when we have hundreds of likes compared to just a few, feels like we are being guided by our social media friends in a way.

But its makes part of our evolution I guess, living without social media would not be a very wise move as it can be a great tool used to our favour.

So how to get the most of social media?

Make it your servant, not your master. Are you controlling social media or is it controlling you? Do you check it every 2 mins, to see what are other people doing? If you doing that is because you have not much happening in your life.

Are you using social media to help you reach your goals, meeting friends that already possess the goal that are you chasing? They can possibly help you out on that by sharing their knowledge.

Are you using social media to promote yourself as a great candidate for a new job role? Connecting with companies that are of your future interest, and also creating relations with people already working in that field.

Are you using social media to connect with potential love partners? Knowing what you looking for, social media can be very helpful on that, and also find that person that you met at the bar but never got their number.

Are you advertising your products to your relevant niche and to the correct geographical masses? No point in being a barber in the UK and having 1000’s of followers from china on your Instagram account.

Are you using the most effective social media platforms for your current needs.? Less is more, make the most of your time in investing on a few platforms that gives you the best return.

Are you sharing your knowledge? Helping those who are out there that are in a position that you been in the past, We all can help someone.

This is just a few examples, but we can see that by making the right questions we gain more clarity on what to use the social media platforms on, and more importantly the correct use of our time.

Sharing is Caring:

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