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5 tips you can do to make the most of your day

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Our daily action it is what defines our future, if you want to have a better future all the choices you make daily will one way or another have some impact further in our life.  So here are 5 tips for you to make the most of every day.

1- Plan your day the night before – This is something that I learned with Brian Tracey, and actually works pretty well. How it works? Write down all the things that you think you should be doing next day, and then prioritize right. You can use the system A,B,C,D,E to set your priorities in order . A- High priority, B- Priority, C-Not priority, D-Delegate, E- Eliminate.  And as Brian Tracey says, eat the biggest frog first, this meaning that you should start the day doing the most import task.

2-Exercise – By exercising on a daily basis you will prepare your body and mind  to deal with the challenges ahead and also is great to boost your confidence. You don’t need to go for hours,  30 mins run will be enough to give that extra boost.

3- Eat Healthy Food – Tony Robbins once said that the what consumes more energy in our body is our indigestion system. So if you go on eating heavy food all day long surely you will not feel at your best. Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables and lighter meals will give that marginal gains to make the most of your day.

4-Be Proactive – We all have challenges in our life’s, but what define us is how we handle that challenges. When faced with a challenge, keep calm,  breath slower and think. Evaluate the situation, define a the best outcome and then deliver.  Write in a piece of paper what`s the challenge your facing and try to come up with at least 10 solutions to deal with this challenge. The  pick the best ones and take massive action.

5-Get out of your comfort zone – Every time we go out and face a challenge that causes us fear to do it , mostly likely we are out of our comfort zone. But is by challenging this fear and overcoming it that makes grow stronger, improve our skills and also boost our confidence.

This five simple tips are easy to do on a daily basis, consistently over time they will make you hopefully a more succesful person than who your are today.

“The Key to your Success is You” – Jim Rohn

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Sharing is Caring:

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