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The Two Sides Of Life

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A while ago I was listening to an audio from Jim Rohn and he mentioned the two sides in life. Since then this though been coming to my mind of the sides of life and as times passes it makes more sense.

What is this the two sides of life? Well if we start thinking deeply we can soon understand this concept. Jim Rohn mentioned on that audio the Light and the Darkness. If you take the light it will be filled with darkness. We can use this expression in our lives that will have a better outcome.
Some Examples:

• Positive vs Negativity
• Good vs Bad
• God vs Evil
• Day vs night
• Light vs Darkness
• Happiness vs Sadness
• Rich vs Poor

So, if we start replacing the negative parts in our lives with the positives, this will in short and long-term bring a richer life. If you replace all the negativity just in a day and turn it into positive thoughts you will see that your mentality will change dramatically, saying that it takes a bit of practice to achieve this outcome.

Are you a procrastination person or proactive person? Let’s say at work for example, do you bring the solutions or only the complaints, this is good food for thought.
Do you finish the day feeling bad or good, if feeling bad write down what went wrong that day that caused the bad mood? Next, write down what you could have done prevent or replace those actions.

This little exercise done daily can really make a happier person. Just replacing these bad habits with good habits daily and being consistent your life can change from day to night.
Just choosing which side do you want to be and acting to achieve it it’s the beginning to a much healthier and happy life, but do not forget the most important thing, action.

Sharing is Caring:

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